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Personal Lines of Credit

Get the right amount of money at the right time with a pre-approved credit limit. You’ll always have enough to cover expenses and only pay interest on the funds you use.

Personal Line of Credit

Best for members looking to meet their daily banking needs with approved funds for whenever you need them.


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Net Worth Equity Link Line

Best for members looking to cover the cost of a home renovation or other improvement project. Leverage the equity in your existing assets and always have full control over how you use the funds.


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Real Estate Equity Link Line

Best for members who want to access the equity in a home or other property. Withdraw funds as you need them, then repay without reducing your original approved credit limit.

Registered Investment Link Line

Best for members who want to catch up on or top up investments. Get revolving access to credit and spread out your payments with an affordable loan at a great rate. 


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Overdraft Link Line

Best for members who need to cover emergency expenses or unplanned overages. The Overdraft Link Line automatically kicks in when needed, to avoid paying NSF charges.


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Secured vs. Unsecured


When taking out a line of credit, you have the option of a secured or unsecured line of credit.

Features Included with all our Lines of Credit